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Welcome to the Community Garden Club of Duxbury

Our next meeting:
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
6:00 pm social 6:30 start
Duxbury Bay Maritime School

There will be two parts to our program this evening;

Part I Problems with Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Diseases by Sandra Bonagni

Part II Ticks, Grubs, Mosquitos....Oh my!!!  Got garden pests? Get chickens!  by CGCD member Katie Hunt.

Sandy  is a long-time member of the Acton Garden Club and member of the Middlesex Tick Task Force.  She has been a victim of Lyme disease twice. As a result, she has made it her mission to educate others on how to prevent tick borne illnesses.  Questions about why it is so difficult to test, diagnose and treat the diseases as well as Lyme Politics and Insurance will be discussed.  Sandy will have her award winning “Living with Wildlife Lyme Disease” display and informational materials concerning  Lyme disease, to distribute.


CGCD member, Katie Hunt will explain why the current backyard chicken coop craze is so popular and how even the most novice urban farmers can set up and enjoy chickens with minimal space, cost and care. Katie will share stories and offer advice for those who may be considering raising chickens this spring in hopes of collecting fresh eggs and ridding themselves of the nuisance pests that we gardeners must tolerate in order to enjoy our yards. 


Our succulent workshop:

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