the Community Garden Club of Duxbury designed this island in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts

The Community Garden Club of Duxbury exists, in large part, with a mission to beautify the town. Throughout the year we sponsor fundraising activities to raise the money needed to purchase plants and materials for the 12 garden sites we care for around Duxbury. This is an ambitious program and requires the participation of all of our members in order to water and maintain the sites over the summer months. In addition to the wonderful gift this is to the town of Duxbury, we find that it gives our more experienced members the opportunity to work with newer members to teach gardening “best practices” and that many new, lasting friendships result.

Town Beautification Chairperson 2015-2017:

Nancy Bene


The Community Garden Club of Duxbury maintains 12 islands and other properties around town:

DSC 9216

Drew House Flagpole: Co-Captains Elaine Pollack and Susie C.


IMG 1153

King Caesar House: Co-Captains Sims McCormick and Deb Gagnier


IMG 1160

Duck Hill / Millbrook Islands: Captain Melissa Foley


IMG 1193

Toby Garden Island: Co-Captains Megan McClure Koss and Martha P.


DSC 9204

Town Hall & War Memorial: Captain Irene Schellings


DSC 9173

Milepost Island: Captain Judy Justino


Halls Corner 2017

Hall's Corner Flagpole: Co-Captains Pam Smith and Patty Campbell


DSC 9203

Snug Harbor Town Pier & Harbormaster's Office: Co-Captains Michelle Chase and Peggy Pelletier



Roundabout Exit 11: Co-Captains Paula and Liza


DSC 9186

Washington Street / Town Green: Co-Captains Joanne Williams and Laurel Nette


maritime school

Duxbury Bay Maritime School: Co-Captains Claudia Doerre and Melinda Rhoads


boomer square

Boomer Square: Captain Katie Hunt


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